Correcting misinformation from laser spas

Did you know that the FDA only allows laser to claim that it can cause “permanent reduction” of hair and that is almost completely useless on light colored hair (white, gray, light blonde or light red) since it works because of the pigment absorbing the intense light to create heat? Electrolysis is the only method that is able to claim permanent removal of hair and it works on all hair colors and skin types.

What most laser removal places don’t tell you, is that after 6-8 treatments, which should be spread at least 4 weeks apart – another one of those things they often neglect to mention, laser begins having severely diminished returns. They often neglect to mention that laser can even cause new hair to grow (paradoxical laser hypertrichosis). Some go so far as to claim that electrolysis doesn’t work at all, even though electrolysis works well in conjunction with laser to treat the lighter hairs or even the darker hair that the laser failed to treat and excels at finishing laser treated areas once laser has reached the point of diminishing returns. Unfortunately, making money off their clients is often more important than being honest with them. Sadly, the technicians may not even know these things themselves, since there are absolutely no training or licensing requirements to do laser hair removal in New York.

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