Menopausal hair growth

As women enter menopause, many find themselves sprouting new hair in some rather unwanted places. The most common area is on the chin, but this new hair can appear anywhere, including on the breasts, shoulders or back.

The reason why this happens, is not a new supply of testosterone, but because of the body’s decline in estrogen production during and after menopause. The existing testosterone that all women naturally have binds to the receptors on the follicles that used to be occupied by estrogen, which in turn, triggers androgenic hair growth. If a woman chooses to undergo hormone replacement therapy (consult your doctor), body hair can diminish to the pre-menopausal state, but, once facial hair starts growing, the only way to get rid of that facial hair permanently is through electrolysis.

At Emancipated Electrolysis LLC, we understand the insecurity this new hair brings women and we are here to help you with it. Often it can be discretely dealt with in just a few 15 minute long sessions if someone is undergoing hormone replacement, or with a regularly monthly session to treat new hair as they start to grow if they have opted not to. For more information about permanent hair removal or to book an appointment, contact us at or call us at 585-270-5230 and finally be freed from unwanted hair.

Permanent eyebrow shaping

Ladies, are you sick of constantly having to pluck, wax or thread your eyebrows? Over the years, how many hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars have you spent going to the salon every few weeks to make sure your eyebrows stay the shape that looks best on you? Have you looked in the mirror to do your makeup before an important event, only to find your brows coming back when just as you want to look your best?

With electrolysis, we can make this problem a thing of the past. In as little as 15 minutes per session, we can clean up your eyebrows and give you the sharp, defined shape you’re looking for, free from strays. Every week or two, as new hair starts to come in, we can remove those in another brief session. After several sessions, once all of your hair has gone through a dormant cycle and emerges to be treated, you will never have to worry about your eyebrows again. We can also take care of those stray hairs on your eyelids and, if you are brave enough, even remove ingrown eyelashes (in fact, electrolysis was originally invented to treat an ingrown eyelash).

Guys, if you have a unibrow or bushy eyebrows, we can permanently take care of that for you too, using a staggered technique to create a natural, fuzzy hairline, so that nobody but you will ever know you had any work done.

If you are interested in safe, permanent hair removal for your eyebrows or any other part of your body, email us at or call us at 585-270-5230 to schedule your free consultation with complimentary trial hair removal and finally be freed from unwanted hair.

Transgender beard removal

Perhaps the most difficult job in electrolysis, is the removal of an androgenic beard, whether caused by PCOS in cisgender females, or the testosterone in a trans* person or cisgender male.

Unlike menopausal facial hair growth that many women experience, a true beard is very resilient, with a firm follicle structure and coarse, dense hair.

Proper settings and insertions are vitally critical in such a situation, and androgenic beards are best handled by people that already have experience in doing them. They simply aren’t the same as when grandma wants to have a few hairs on her chin removed and you aren’t going to get very far if the electrologist treats them as such. Many electrologists simply aren’t aggressive enough in their treatment and are content to routinely treat the same hair over and over again, becoming comfortable with the idea that their job is some sort of ongoing maintenance, rather than something to finish. Most electrologists don’t like to work longer sessions as the dirty little secret is, they make more money off shorter ones.

Many people seek to have laser first, and that is fine, if all you are looking to do is reduce your hair. Sometimes, it is recommended to start with laser and then finish with electrolysis as a means of saving money. At best, that approach may save some time, but it isn’t likely to save much money, as the remaining hair will be thinner and more frail, with a deeper and more traumatized follicle that takes a longer time to individually treat than if laser had never been done. We feel that, given the price of laser and the costly contracts many salons try to hook people on, we can help people more effectively for less than what it would cost to have laser first and then finish with electrolysis.

At Emancipated Electrolysis LLC, the proper treatment of androgenic beard hair is so important to us, it is what we specialize in. Yes, we are more than happy to work on grandma too, but we get the most enjoyment out of helping those with the most serious hair removal needs. While most electrologists shy away from such projects, we thrive on them. Whether you are trans*, have PCOS, or are a cisgender male, we are your safe, supportive, private resource to put a permanent end to your beard problems.

Email us at or call us at 585-270-5230 to schedule a free consultation, and finally be freed from your unwanted hair.