First Appointment

Your first appointment will usually consist of a consultation, followed by approximately 10 minutes of hair removal. During the consultation, we will go over your medical history and any prior hair removal you’ve done, explain how electrolysis works and what to expect duringĀ  and after treatment, examine the area(s) to be treated and answer any questions you may have. Once we begin the removal phase of the consultation, we’ll take the time to ensure you are comfortable and that the settings are appropriate for you, as well as show you some of the hair we’ve removed. We will likely move slower during the trial than we would during a normal session, as it gives you the opportunity to ask more questions and for us to adjust settings if needed. There is no fee for this first appointment.

Prior to your appointment, you should refrain from any hair removal in the area for a couple of days. The hair doesn’t have to be very long, 2-3mm, or about 1/8th of an inch, is generally long enough, it simply needs to be long enough for us to see it to treat the hair, as well as to remove the treated hair from the follicle with a very sharp pair of tweezers. Try to avoid caffeine and be properly hydrated before your appointment, and feel free to take some ibuprofen or acetominophen prior to the appointment if you’re very sensitive to pain. Make sure that your electrologist knows if your skin is particularly sensitive as well. Please be showered and free from strong perfumes.

Please be prompt to your appointment. Though we schedule appointments to try to prevent overlap for the privacy of our clients, it is easy for one person to cause enough delay that others could overlap after them.