Skin tags and spider veins

Electrolysis equipment is not only capable of getting rid of your unwanted hair, it can also be used to treat skin tags and spider veins.

Telangiectasias, or spider veins, not to be mistaken with varicose veins, are small veins less than 1mm in diameter that are retaining blood in the upper layers of the skin. They can appear as red or purple dots or lines. some of which may branch out like a spider web, most frequently on the face, arms or legs. These veins can be treated by placing the electrolysis probe against them on the skin and emitting a weak burst of high frequency radio waves, exciting the water molecules to cause heat, which in turn causes the trapped blood to dry up and dissipate. Sometimes, there can be some minor bruising afterward until the body carries the blood away. Larger spider veins may take multiple treatments to full resolve.

Acrochorda, or skin tags, are small benign skin tumors that protrude from the skin, most frequently in crease areas like the neck, underarms or eyelids. To treat these, an electrologist will turn the power up and use the blunt side of a probe to effectively cauterize the skin, “burning” the tag off.

Both cases are relatively painless procedures and can typically be completed in just a few minutes as part of a regular electrolysis appointment or on their own. For more information about removal of skin tags and spider veins, permanent hair removal or to book an appointment, contact us at or call us at 585-270-5230 and finally be freed from unwanted hair.