Like women, men also suffer from unwanted hair, though they are more likely to put up with it in an effort to display their manliness. After all, what would the guys think if they knew you went to get your eyebrows done or the rug removed from your back? What about those annoying beard hairs that grow in the corners of your lips or right underneath your nostrils that you never can seem to adequately get? Have a facelift done and aren’t happy with the beard hair now growing under your ears? Maybe your significant other isn’t a fan of the 1970s chest of hair. Or hey, who cares what others think, you simply like being hairless for yourself.

At Emancipated Electrolysis, LLC, we can treat all of your unwanted hair with discretion and concern for what the others in your life might think. For something like a unibrow or to just clean up all of the stray hairs in your eyebrows, unlike the hard, defined lines wanted by women, we will take the time to create a realistic, natural looking hairline for you while still giving you the shape and definition you desire, and we can do it over a period of time, so that people you regularly see don’t even notice the change happening. Typically within a couple hours, any redness or swelling indicating that you had some work done will be gone and nobody will ever know you came to see us.

For those that want to clearcut the forest of hair, we can do that as well and are happy to schedule multi-hour sessions to maximize the use of your time. We are also willing to treat the male genital area, but we will not tolerate any sexual misconduct during your session (the fear of which, is why many electrologists will outright refuse to treat the area on men).

Regardless of the area you want treated or your reasons for doing so, we are happy to do so in a non-judgemental, discrete and professional manner. Call or email us and we’ll be happy to schedule a free professional consultation with a complimentary trial removal, so that you, too, can see what it’s like to finally be freed from your unwanted hair.