According to industry research, approximately 75% of all women have excessive hair growth and, at some point in their life, about 50% will have electrolysis. Those numbers may seem shockingly high, but the truth is, you are far from alone in your concerns. Why is it that people will talk freely about having laser hair removal but not electrolysis? The answer has everything to do with how laser was marketed, via doctors offices and upscale spas, while electrolysis often suffers from the stigma of someone working part time out of their home.

At Emancipated Electrolysis, LLC, we’re happy to tell you that we take our reputation seriously. We work out of an office that was originally designed as a surgical room for a doctor’s office and we will treat you in the most professional manner possible.


Women are particularly sensitive to unwanted hair, whether it’s those few annoying hairs on your chin or upper lip, a clean eyebrow line, the unwanted trail of hair on your belly or chest area, a few hairs on your toes or hands, irritating hairs in the bikini area or underarms, or broader areas like the legs and arms. Hair growth is caused by the androgens present in all bodies, including women. Under certain conditions like congenital issues, gladular disorders, Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), the body may produce excessive amounts of androgen, causing superfluous hair growth. Outside of congenital and systemic conditions, topic conditions, like sustained surface friction, waxing and tweezing can also trigger excess hair growth in certain areas.
We are happy to say that, regardless of the cause or the area, we can help you permanently remove your unwanted hair, saving you from the stress, embarrassment and never-ending costs of dealing with your unwanted hair. Call or email us and we’ll be happy to schedule a free professional consultation with a complimentary trial removal, so that you, too, can see what it’s like to finally be freed from your unwanted hair.